Noble Park
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2014 noble park chess club classic

A Category 2 Grand Prix 7 Round Swiss Tournament

supported by Northern Star Chess

Prize winners
- James Morris
2nd - Dusan Stojic
3rd - Jack Puccini
=4th - Mirko Rujevic, Domagoj Dragicevic
Best Junior: Max Chew Lee
Rating Group 1: =1st - Milenko Lojanica, Bosko Mijatovic
Rating Group 2: =1st - Khadem Jahid, Shane Lawson, Regan Crowley, Carl Dingfelder
Rating Group 3: =1st - Nick Ilic, Zhi Xin Guo, Elliot Renzies, Carl Loucas, Samuel Trewin, Edwin Zou, Tanya Kolak, Rebecca Wei, Lillian Lu, Geoff Lee
Rating Group 4: 1st - Anandaram Jothibabu   =2nd - Ruicheng Wang, Ethan Hooi

Tournament details:
Paddy O’Donoghue Centre, 18-34 Buckley St, Noble Park 3174

Rate of play: 60 min + 10 seconds per move
Byes: Two half-point byes were allowed for rounds 1 to 5.
Playing shedule:
Saturday 20th September 2014
Round  1        10:00am
Round  2        12:30pm
Round  3        3:00pm
Round  4        5:30pm

Sunday 21st September 2014
Round  5        10:00am
Round  6        12:30pm
Round  7         3:00pm