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GM Ftacnik lecture 30/6/2013

Noble Park Chess Club was honoured to have GM Lubomir Ftacnik deliver a public lecture on Sunday 30 June from 7 pm to 9 pm. The evening started off in a relaxed fashion, with plenty of blitzing, kibitzing and (although not quite spritzing ) some light refreshments.
GM Lubomir Ftacnik then made his arrival to a warm reception by our members. What impressed me most about Lubomir is his gentlemanly manner and extraordinary politeness. Whenever we mentioned what an honour it is for a player of his calibre to visit our club, he was quick to correct us that the "honour was all (his)".
The theme of the evening was "the importance of time in chess". It was riveting to see Lubomir explain the value of tempi and development advantage, and how this interacts with other elements in chess.
The lecture was presented in a highly instructive and accessible manner, despite the varying level of the audience. For the first interval, GM Ftacnik presented the "Game of the Century" (D Byrne - R Fischer 0:1, New York 1956). Although the game was familiar to some of us, it was shown in a very novel way. Following a brief intermezzo, the second interval featured Topalov - Ivanchuk 0:1, Linares 1999.
Both intervals were about 1 h, and we've recorded the entire lecture. We may upload them in due course. But for the moment, here are some pictures from the event.
Dusan Stojic - NPCC President